Hemfosa Red Cross Blood Service

Goals improving indoor conditions for tenants and profits for owners / Floor space 19,000 m2



Upgrade of ventilation units, switching to needs-based ventilation, and modernisation of heating and cooling


Measurements are being made.

“We are investing in new technology in order to maximise the life cycle of the property. Due to the nature of the Blood Service’s operations, we must pay particular attention to the indoor conditions offered to property users. If the building’s tenants are happy, then the owners are happy – and vice versa.”

Pasi Nieminen, Country Manager

Hemfosa Fastigheter Ab

LeaseGreen planned and executed an extensive modernisation of building technology in a property occupied by the Blood Service of the Finnish Red Cross in the Kivihaka district of Helsinki. The project entailed replacing some of the property’s ventilation units and switching the ventilation’s operating logic to be needs-based. At the same time, modernisations were made to heating and cooling systems, and a new standby power supply was installed.

The renovated property was built in stages between 1970 and 1990. Its buildings have a total area of around 19,000 m2, and they provide work spaces for around 450 professionals. The property owner is the Swedish property investment company Hemfosa Fastigheter Ab.

“The property has been maintained well, but ageing is a challenge for any property,” says Pasi Nieminen, Country Manager for Hemfosa’s Finnish operations.

Hemfosa, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, specialises in properties occupied by socially significant institutions. The company’s assets are worth around 3.5 billion euros, of which some 180 million euros are invested in Finland. Hemfosa owns eight socially significant properties in Finland, including district courts, police stations, government agencies and university buildings.

According to Nieminen, the collaboration between Hemfosa and LeaseGreen has started well:

“It inspires confidence in us how LeaseGreen examines alternatives related to the property as a whole, from indoor user conditions to energy efficiency. LeaseGreen’s experts have a high level of know-how and they are easy to work with.”