Targeted savings €1,400,000 / Duration 72 months


Automation upgraded, ventilation and lighting modernised


Lower energy costs and better building conditions

“The project will be carried out as service contract which will accumulate savings for the hospital without making any of our own capital investments. I think this is a great solution for better energy efficiency, especially in the public sector.”

CEO Mervi Ahlroth

Kauniala Hospital

LeaseGreen designed and implemented a turnkey energy efficiency project at Kauniala Hospital, which is located near Helsinki. The savings target is 1,400,000 euros in the energy costs of Kauniala over the life cycle of the investments.

Kauniala pays for the investments in the form of a monthly fee, which is smaller than the savings produced by the new technology. The building automation system was expanded and modernised, as will the majority of air ventilation units. The contract period is six years.

“After the installations, the ventilation of the hospital will be adjusted automatically according to the demands of CO2 sensors,” says Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen. “We also introduced LED lighting technology and a water saving solution in the property.”