Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel

Goals increasing energy use efficiency and giving up oil heating



Modernisation of building automation system, ventilation control and cooling, and replacement of oil heating with air/water heat pumps


Measurements are being made.

“Our carbon footprint used to be pitch black. Now it has turned, perhaps not white, but green at least. I am relieved that we have stopped burning oil on this property. At the same time, it reduced our risks related to oil prices, emissions and taxes.”

Inka Uusitalo-Raoult, CEO

Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel

Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel updated its energy strategy. At the heart of the new strategy are energy use efficiency and replacing oil heating with a more eco-friendly energy source.

Långvik appointed LeaseGreen, a leading energy efficiency service company, to plan and execute the strategy. LeaseGreen carried out the Långvik energy renovation in two stages.

First, the building’s automation and ventilation were modernised. Then, alternatives for replacing the heating source were analysed, the technical solutions were drafted and the project was carried out quickly, causing as little disturbance to operations as possible.

The oil heating was replaced with an energy-efficient heat pump system that will cut Långvik’s CO2 emissions by about one half. Energy costs are estimated to fall by 35 per cent.

“We carried out a complete energy renovation at Långvik, and this was an excellent decision in terms of both business and the environment,” says Långvik CEO Inka Uusitalo-Raoult.

Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel is located in Kirkkonummi, by the sea, west of Helsinki. It has a total area of 15,400 m2, comprising buildings that are in good condition.

According to LeaseGreen’s estimate, Långvik will achieve life cycle savings of around one million euros thanks just to the first stage of the project. Maintenance costs will reduce, increasing operating profit.