Targeted savings €200,000 / Duration 48 months / Floor space 15,144 m²



Smart building tech installed


Target exceeded

“Thanks to LeaseGreen’s effective turnkey project model, the property’s running costs will fall and its building services will be cost-effectively improved.”

Property investment manager Hannu Keinänen

Pension insurance company Etera



In early 2014 LeaseGreen enhanced the energy use of the premises of Tilkka Hospital, including a historic former military hospital and associated newer premises. Together with the property owners, the Finnish pension insurance company Etera, LeaseGreen set a target aiming to achieve savings in the use of district heating and electricity worth 200,000 euros during the life cycle of the energy saving measures.

The project agreement commits Etera to pay monthly fees to LeaseGreen for a period of four years. The project started with the installation of smart building technologies including sensors and motion detectors.

The energy savings already achieved during the project’s first few months indicate that the total savings target will be significantly exceeded. Savings realised in the first four months were 68% higher than the promised levels.