Targeted savings €4,000,000 / Floor space 53,000 m2 / Annual energy consumption 24,000 MWh


An extensive energy overhaul in Sanomala, updating the facility’s building automation and ventilation technology. One of the enhancements includes the use of artificial intelligence in controlling the new systems.


Savings of 15–20 per cent in energy consumption (during first heating season)

“Building technology plays a crucial role in a process where even fifteen minutes of delay can be really costly. The facility’s humidity level has to remain completely stable; paper that is too damp or too dry will catch in the conveyors.”

CEO Jorma Kyrö


Sanomala, located in Vantaa in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, is one of the largest printing facilities in northern Europe. For newsprint reams to pass without disruption through hundreds of metres of production lines, the temperature and humidity levels of the facility have to stay within closely defined limits.

Sanomala prints the major titles of the Finnish Sanoma Group, Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomat – two of Finland’s leading newspapers. The Sanomala property is owned by the Swedish-listed real estate investment company AB Sagax, which leases the facility to Sanoma. Completed in 1977, the property has an area of approximately 53,000 m2 and an annual energy consumption of 24,000 MWh in electricity and heating.

The energy overhaul carried out by LeaseGreen has improved conditions within the facility while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by around 20 per cent.

“If we had tried to do this ourselves, we would have spent an absurd amount of time on it and would probably have ended up just replacing the technology with similar solutions, without gaining proper control over the system as a whole. LeaseGreen allowed us to take care of all the vital parts at once. Now this has been done, we can focus on our core business”, says Jorma Kyrö, CEO of Sanomala.

LeaseGreen estimates that the Sanomala energy overhaul will provide an excellent return on investment for the Sanoma Group, with predicted savings of some 4.4 million euros over the investment’s life cycle.