Genesta Antinkatu

Goals improving the work environment and indoor air quality, and cutting energy costs / Floor space 11,200 m2



Modernisation of property’s building automation, ventilation and lighting


Measurements are being made.

“Our main objective is to bring indoor air quality up to modern standards. Numerous sensors installed in the facility ensure that the air’s CO2 content, humidity and temperature are at the right levels for the people working there.”

Anna Pihlajaniemi, Investment Manager


LeaseGreen upgraded the building technology of an office building in Kamppi, Helsinki. The eight-storey functionalist-style building was completed in 1952 next to Helsinki’s famous Tennis Palace, and it is owned by a fund managed by the property investment company Genesta. The renovation involved modernising the building automation, ventilation, cooling unit, condensers and district heating heat exchanger, and updating the lighting with energy-efficient LED technology.

“This property is our crown jewel”, says Investment Manager Anna Pihlajaniemi from Genesta. “We are raising it to new heights by renovating both the indoor facilities and the technology. The building’s location is fantastic and its structures are solid.”

The property at Antinkatu 1 contains around 11,200 m2 of leasable office space. It was originally built for government use. According to Pihlajaniemi, the modernised facilities are mostly rented out to private businesses now.

The objective of LeaseGreen’s modernisation project is to produce savings of 500,000 euros for Genesta over the investments’ life cycle.

“LeaseGreen is able to carry out the renovation in such a way that indoor conditions will improve while helping us to save on energy costs,” Pihlajaniemi says.