Etera Pasila

Targeted savings €400,000 / Duration 96 months


Automation, ventilation and lighting modernised


Lower energy costs and better building conditions

“There will be lower energy costs and higher ratings from property users as the buildings’ technology is upgraded. It’s a very reasonable decision because there are such significant efficiency gains compared to the old technology.”

Property manager Matti Autere

Pension insurance company Etera

LeaseGreen designed and implemented an energy efficiency refit project in two office buildings owned by mutual employment pension insurance company Etera in the Pasila area of Helsinki. As part of the project, the air ventilation fittings was modernised and much of the lighting systems refitted with LED technology.

The project was implemented using the LeaseGreen service model, based on a fixed monthly fee. The contract period is eight years and the customer’s accumulated net savings will amount to around EUR 400,000 over the life cycle of the investment.

“Every month we will save more than our monthly fee”, says property manager Matti Autere from Etera. “This is an excellent solution for the property owner because it doesn’t tie up their capital. Energy efficiency is also eco-efficiency. Supporting sustainable development is an important part of our property investment business.”