Etera Kutomo

Targeted savings €3,400,000 / Duration 96 months


An extensive modernisation of the building technology. The new energy system’s controls were connected to LeaseGreen’s smart remote monitoring.


Improved work environment for property users. Significant drop in energy costs and repair debts to property owner.

“Each month, we save more money than we pay in fees to LeaseGreen. This project has an excellent risk-to-reward ratio.”

Matti Autere, Property Manager

Pension insurance company Etera

Kutomo Business Park was a typical example of a demanding property energy efficiency project, in that as the work progressed, opportunities arose that had not been identifiable at the start.

The energy costs of the business park, located in the Pitäjänmäki district of Helsinki, have fallen by as much as 30 per cent in a couple of years. The large property’s district heating bill has been cut by nearly 50 per cent, and the electricity bill also by a notable amount. The buildings’ indoor conditions have also improved. That means the work environment is even better than before.

The business park on Kutomotie comprises two buildings with a total area of 26,000 m2.

LeaseGreen, which carried out the modernisation of Kutomo Business Park, calculates that the property owner, Etera, will gain a 19 per cent return on investment from the project. The life cycle savings will be as much as 3.4 million euros, which is significantly higher than initial estimates.