CEO Tomi Mäkipelto
+358 50 370 4092


  • Increasing the value of properties
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Business development

Tomi Mäkipelto oversees LeaseGreen’s corporate strategy, customer relations, quality issues and overall business development. Tomi’s previous work experience includes successful spells working at Caverion Corporation as development manager, at YIT managing energy and business issues, at EPV Energy as development manager, and as the managing director of a number of wind power companies.

“Why waste energy, when by using the money that you lose you could modernise the infrastructure of your property, at the same time increasing its value?”

CFO Juho Rönni
+358 40 824 8780


  • Finance and economy
  • Capital markets
  • Business development
  • Corporate administration

Juho Rönni takes responsibility for LeaseGreen’s dealings with financers as well as administrative issues. He also looks after the running of our NegaWatt Energy Efficiency Funds. Juho has previously worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in London, and supervised financial and investment issues for the Finnish mining company Talvivaara.

“Here in Finland alone we could save up to five billion euros a year on buildings’ energy costs. This money could be better used for something other than energy and fuels, which are mainly imported.”

Essi Välimäki, Vice president (energy efficiency)
+358 50 469 5494


  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Innovations
  • Management
  • Cost efficiency

Essi Välimäki looks after the planning and implementation of LeaseGreen’s energy efficiency projects. Essi has previously worked as a team leader at Siemens. A project that she led at Sello shopping centre in Espoo was rated the best project in the European Energy Service Awards competition in 2010.

"Working with energy efficiency is very motivating, because I can actively help our customers to achieve significant energy savings, while at the same time helping to build a greener future.”

Jere Kilpi, Vice president (customer relations and sales)
+358 40 451 3976


  • Property development
  • Service models
  • Cost efficiency
  • Project management

Jere Kilpi is a vice president who works side by side with LeaseGreen's customers, looking for the optimal solutions and resources for their projects. Previously he worked as a vice president at Ovenia, a property management company, and as a manager at Lindström Invest, a professional property investor.

“We are witnessing a breakthrough in energy efficiency in Finland which is a very logical and positive development. This is only efficient way to keep running costs under control."

Ari Taiponen, Vice president (projects)
+358 50 410 9917


  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Design and engineering
  • Electricity
  • Automation systems

Ari Taiponen ensures that LeaseGreen projects are implemented promptly and as agreed with customers. Ari is a specialist in technically challenging investments, and his milestones as a team leader are the electrification projects of the Helsinki ring railway and the western metro line in Espoo.

“Building technology projects are often implemented with rock bottom investment prices. Our customers can benefit from big life cycle savings by adding a little intellectual effort and a small amount of extra money to their budgets."

Teemu Repo, Vice president (finance and administration)
+358 40 550 4575


  • Finance
  • Property valuation
  • Accounting and tax
  • Risk management

Teemu Repo develops our finance and administration processes. Teemu has previously worked for two listed companies, Sponda and Talvivaara, and he knows the accounting and tax issues of the property business very well. Teemu helps customers calculate how optimised energy use will change property values and the profits of the property owner.

“I don't really see the point in not saving money if you can save money. The logic of energy efficiency will open up easily to property business professionals who understand numbers."

Terho Puustinen, Communications Manager
+358 400 466 455
Mari Niskanen, Accounts and Invoicing
+358 40 631 3265

Energy award for LeaseGreen

Following a poll of readers of the Finnish business and technology magazine Tekniikka&Talous, LeaseGreen received an award for Energy Deed of the Year 2014.